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Kesätulli Upholstery Fabric, 2016

Hand screen printed cotton fabric

"Needle Work", 2019/20

The close relationship between embroidery and tattoos reaches back millennia, reaching beyond the needle used in both processes. Tattoos used to be protective symbols that moved from skin to cloth and became visual means to signal and commemorate belonging, events, and memories.


 Each piece of this series is the result of exploration of and reflection on a place and it’s local art forms, ranging from embroidery to ceramics to stucco work.


Explorations of embroidery as both a traditional textile craft and contemporary artistic medium.

ARTificial DECO

Collection of repeating print designs

The City

Digital design in repeat

Ostentor Kino Aktie, 2022


Fundraiser for Ostentor Kino,  Regensburg

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