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Publications and Presentations


  • S. Goetz, "Emerging Materials- Biotextiles", Studio Art Quilts Associates Textile Talks, June 2023

  • S. Goetz, "Innovations in E-Textiles", Studio Art Quilts Associates Seminar, March 2023

  • T. Schiros, R. Antrobus, D. Farías, Y.-T. Chiu, C. T. Joseph, S. Esdaille, G. K. Sanchirico, G. Miquelon, D. An, S.T. Russell, A.M. Chitu, S. Goetz, A.M. Verploegh Chassé, C. Nuckolls, S.K. Kumar, H.H. Lu, “Microbial Nanocellulose Biotextiles for a Circular Materials Economy” in. Environmental Science: Advances 2022, 1 (3), 276–284. 

  • F. Wang, Y. Kim, M. Altoe, A. Marone, B. Trippeer, A. Edwards, A. Sperber, S. Goetz, T. Schiros, I. Kymissis, and A. Hielscher, "Development of a Prototype of a Wearable Flexible Electro-Optical Imaging System for the Breast," in Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics 2020 (Translational, Microscopy, OCT, OTS, BRAIN), OSA Technical Digest (Optica Publishing Group, 2020), paper TM4B.4.

  • S.Goetz, G. Purohit, “The Jaipur/NYC Kurta- an Experimental Interdisciplinary and International Student Collaboration in CAD and Hand Embroidery”, Fashion Colloquia, Jaipur, India January 2020 

  • S. Goetz,  N. Kleinman, “Sustainability in Textile Design Education at Technology Institutes”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Fashion and Textiles, Jodhpur, India, March 2015

  • S. Goetz, “Textile Design Inspiration: Past & Present”, Surface Design Association Blog, January 2014

  • S. Goetz, “Digital Randomness as an Inspirational Design Tool”, TRIP: Textiles Research in Process symposium, Loughborough, UK November 2011

  • S. Goetz, J. Lambert, and R. Studd, “Design and implementation of an online teaching and learning resource for textile design, arts and crafts”, Art Libraries Journal; Volume 29, Number 4; 2004

  • S. Goetz,  E. Kuehn, “Modeling the future of mass customized textile and apparel products - a case study”, World Congress on Mass Customization and Personalization, Hong Kong, 2001

  • S. Goetz, P. Kilduff, and H. Hergeth, "Beyond Quick Response: In the Digital Age, Will Zero Movement Become the Holy Grail for the Textile and Apparel Industries?”, Textile Institute World Conference, Melbourne, Australia, April 2001.

  • S. Goetz, P. Kilduff,” The Textile and Apparel Industries - Another Century, Another Paradigm: Developing New Concepts of Industry and Trade in a Virtual World”, Textile Institute World Conference, Melbourne, Australia, April 2001.


Editorial Activities

Guest editor, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, 2022. Special Issue “Creating Health and Wellbeing”

Editorial Advisory Board, The Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, 2012 to date



T. Schiros, R. Antrobus, S. Goetz, A. M. Verploegh Chassé, D. An, S.T. Russell, S. Esdaille, C.T. Joseph, A.

Wong, and D. Shepelsky, D. Esposito, and H. H. Lu. WO2021146484 - Biofabrication and Microbial Cellulose

Biotextile. International Patent Application PCT/US2021/013518 filed January 14, 2021 based on U.S.

Provisional Application No. 62/960,775.

Media Appearances

From Client to Designer to Laser, A Quick Wash, and Custom Clothing Appears, FIT School of Art and Design Blog, June 2022

The Future of Fashion, Netflix, June 2022

Full Frontal's Spring '22 Fashion Report: Reusable Tote Bags, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, April 2022

Off Field Fashion, Episode 2 and 3, Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network (YES), April 2022

“Style Journey” Kurta Collaboration Exhibit: FIT and India's Pearl Academy, FIT School of Art and Design Blog, November 2021

“Catch! World Top News.”, NHK Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), June 2017

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